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Welcome to the largest Worldwide
website devoted to selling antique
& vintage bottle openers.

The site is run by Peter Borrett, an
enthusiastic antique corkscrew & bottle
opener collector who is based in the beautiful
Berkshire Countryside of the United

Peter has assembled a fine selection of old
bottle cap lifters for sale on this website.
From figural cap lifters to beer & spirit
advertising bottle openers to early Crown
Cork cap lifters. Absolutely something for
everyone. From the serious collector to
someone looking for a great gift.
Peter Borrett - Corkscrews Online
Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1189 700218

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Crown caps have been used on bottles since the 1890's -
100+ years - wow! How about that! In fact the Crown cap was
patented in 1892 by William Painter, an American of British
decent who in his lifetime took out over 80 different patents.
See patent drawing --------->

Over the hundred plus years a multitude of designs of cap
lifters have been manufactured. From quirky figural types,
depicting pretty much every animal you could imagine, to
advertising for Beer producers - well that makes sense. Also,
many famous people can be found on Bottle openers as well
as historic buildings, places, effectively souvenirs from here,
there & everywhere. It's likely a lifetime devoted to collecting
cap lifters would only scratch the surface of the 1000's of
different variations of bottle openers that were made.
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Corkscrew Central
Unfortunately the software used to design, build & publish Bottle Opners for sale is now
obsolete. This means that it is no longer possible to update Bottle Openers for sale. I have
therefore created a new sales website
Corkscrew Central where in future the bottle openers
will be available.I hope you will visit.