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Hi Peter,
I don't know if you can or want to help but I've got a corkscrew and I
put it on Ebay last night with a start of £1.99. I have since had 2
separate ebayers email me one offering £55 and another £70.
Makes me think "what the hell have I got that people are willing to
pay that kind of money" after just seeing a rather fuzzy digi pic. Can
you help me identify this corkscrew? Thanks Debbie
Debbie had a very rare English patent "The Newton ratchet". I advised Debbie to remove the
corkscrew from Ebay as it wasn't promoted well, was sneaking through & wouldn't realise the true
price potential. Debbie later realised £1800 for her corkscrew & was absolutely delighted!

This belonged to my
parents & I've been told
it's a champagne tap.
Two questions, firstly how
does it work & secondly
can you give me an idea
of worth?? regards Matt
Hi Matt, yes it's an English
champagne tap which dates to the
early 20th century. After penetrating
the bottle the top part is removed &
the tap valve opens to draw off a
tipple & then closes to keep the
bubbles fizzing. Your champagne tap
is worth around £50.00  

Dear Sir,  

I would like to use your free corkscrew appraisal service. I have
been given a corkscrew by my grandmother and am looking to
value it. I have attached some pictures, i am just looking for some
type of guidance on the price as i am not an expert and it seems
that you are. Therefore, I would  appreciate your thoughts via the
complimentary antique corkscrew valuation service.

Regards Gill
Hi Gill, you have a Henshall type corkscrew that probably dates to the late 19th century. This is a
variant based on the very first corkscrew patent by The Rev Samuel Henshall in 1795. Your
corkscrew looks to be in good condition & is worth around £35. Out of interest, an original Henshall
patent is inscribed around the button & is worth in excess of £1000. Kind regards Peter
Hello Peter,

I have this in my possession.
Could you give me any
information on it? Any help
would be appreciated re age
rarity value.

Hi Steve, You have a very nice 19th
century King Screw manufactured by
James Heeley & sons. It probably dates to
around 1880, although it could be slightly
earlier. It's not a common corkscrew & it
looks to be in good condition. As long as
it's mechanically sound I would value it at
£400.00. I do buy old corkscrews, so
please get in touch if you would like to sell.

I wondered whether you could help me date a corkscrew that I have - it is a
British one, and has Higgs and Smith, Liverpool engraved on one of the wing
I am attaching a photo of it, and would be grateful if you could give me any
information on it e.g. age, value, etc
Many thanks
Hi Terry, that's a great find. This corkscrew would of been manufactured by
Farrow & Jackson, a prolific English corkscrew manufacturer in the late 19th
century. To find one marked in any form is not easy & I also notice that your
one still has some leather around the bottle grip which was only put on the
top of the range corkscrews of this type. The condition doesn't look to be too
good but even so it has to be worth around £150.00. Kind regards Peter

Hi Peter,

I ve just been having a look at your website as one of my friends
who doesn't have Internet access has asked me if I can find
anything out about his corkscrew, I would appreciate your help.

He told me that it was "un earthed" when the M40 was being
built. There should be a couple of pictures attached however to
give you some scale it is approx 6 inches long and 3 inches
across at the handle. Its in pretty poor condition as its been in
the ground.

Any help on date, type, history or value greatly appreciated.
Thanks in anticipation.
Hello David, your friend has
found what's known as a
Cellerman corkscrew which
probably dates to the turn of
the 20th century. Unfortunately
it's quite a common corkscrew
& only worth around £2.00

Dear Sir,

I have recently inherited a corkscrew which I have no use for,
and would like to dispose of by sale to a collector such as
yourself or by auction. My corkscrew is all steel with ball race
between the shank and the frame and is marked on both
sides with the words  ' Monopol ' and perhaps 117 faintly

Would  you or a colleague be interested to purchase or
provide an appropriate price to seek at auction.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
Hello Fred, you have a common variant of ball bearing assisted corkscrew which was registered in
Germany in 1909. Sadly, it's not worth a fortune, around £5.00. Kindest regards Peter

Dear Peter

I came across your website and thought
that with your considerable experience
you may be able to tell me something
about this German mechanical
corkscrew, picture attached.  It is marked
D.R.G.M. and I have not been able to
find any reference material to compare it
to.  I'm trying to find out age etc and it's
value if possible.  If you could point me
in the right direction I would be very
grateful. Thanks for offering this
corkscrew appraisal service.
Hope you can help. Do you buy

Kind regards
Hi Julie, Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, I don't
have a reference or any knowledge of this piece.
However, given the DRGM mark & the undoubted
quality of manufacture I think that it will sell well to both
tool & corkscrew enthusiast. I would expect it to make
in the region of £100 - 150. Kind regards Peter

Hi Peter

I have a corkscrew which i
do not know much about
apart from that it is a
Thomason type one with a
Heeley crest on the front,I
would like to know if you
offer any type of valuation
service,as i would like to
know more about it with a
view to selling it,


David Wright
Hi David,

You have a King screw
corkscrew made by James
Heeley & Sons. Unfortunately it
is not complete, missing the
rack & pinion which will effect
the value dramatically. It's a real
shame as everything else looks
to be in excellent condition.
Despite the damage, I would
expect you to sell it for around

Kind regards

HI Peter

I am a member of CCCC since many
years, and many times a buyer on Ebay
from you.

See my corkscrew "green shoe"
enclosed. It is marked "Germany" on
You have see this corkscrew on my
past best six and on the web journal
"Daily screw"  from of Donald Bull.

I had never seen this color in an other
book or auction since beginning my
collection in 1982. Why is your opinion
on this rare corkscrew and on value on
"Christie's auction" or on "Ebay". (BUT

Around 1985, it possible i have paid
between 20-50$ for this corkscrew, also
i thing you can put this one on your web
site "BARGAINS FINDS". send me an
email if you give a suite at this email.



Québec, Canada

Hello Jean,

It is a wonderful rare corkscrew, I will add this to the
bargain finds as it surely is.

I would think it must be worth £750.00 possibly even
more if two collectors wanted it badly. I was lucky earlier
this year to find a perfect set but in the light brown
colour. I buy old corkscrews, so please let me know if
you ever decide to sell.

Good hunting!

Very best wishes,

Hi Peter,

Can you tell me what I have here. It has been in the
family for donkeys years.
The crest says DOWLER PATENT and appears to be
brass or bronze with bone or ivory handles.
When was it made, what is it worth and how should I
sell it? Thanks for you help

Regards Bill
Hi Bill,

Thanks for your email.

You have what's known as a "Kings Screw". It's a mid 19th century rack & pinion design that is
sort after by collectors. Dowler were a major corkscrew manufacturer who were based in
Birmingham & having this badge adds to the value.

I could give you £200 for it. Alternatively you could put it into a UK auction but fees would probably
leave you with less. The other way that might work for you is to try Ebay, prices can fluctuate
greatly but you might get lucky & make more. If you wanted me to sell it on your behalf by Ebay,
I'll happily do that as well.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards
Hi, Peter
This cork screw belonged
to my father in law, curious
to know more about the
cork screw,
and of its worth if any?
Stamped on the arm H.D
Armstrong Patent. I
appreciate the fact that
you offer a free corkscrew
valuation service.
Kind Regards Pamela
Hi Pamela,
I'm happy to value your
corkscrew for you.
It's a English patent, no
10,595 from 1902 by Henry
Armstrong & keenly sought
after by collectors. They seem
to be fetching in the region of
£60.00 on Ebay at the
Kindest regards
Hey Peter,
Would love to know what
this  corkscrew is worth
looking to sell it soon just
wondered if you could give
me some idea it has patent
London on the side and
can just make out a 52 on
the top left hand corner
hope you can help me
value this cork screw.
Sincerely, Charles
Hi Charles, you have a
variant of a London rack
corkscrew which looks to
be in good shape & dates
to the turn of the 20th
century. Due to the fact it
carries a makers mark
the value increases & I
would suggest it is worth
around £100.00 -
£150.00. Kindest regards
Hi Peter...

I have recently acquired a Syroco corkscrew which I have
identified as the Waiter.  From the info I've gathered, I
believe it was made in the 30's or  40's but I have not
been able to determine it's value -- there are some chips
in the paint, but I think he's in good shape for his age.  I
went to our local library, but we are  a small town and
they had no references to give me any clues....I was
thrilled when I found your web site.  I'm attaching 3
pictures I hope will help you with whatever info you can
provide.  I would appreciate the corkscrew value, so a
corkscrew appraisal would be great. Thanks for offering  
corkscrew valuations & for your help.  Mary

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
Hi Mary, Thanks for your email & many congratulations on your find.

The corkscrew is a Syroco waiter which was produced sometime during the mid 1900's. You may of
seen the Syroco page on my site which will tell you more about the company. The waiter is the
Syroco corkscrew that turns up the most & therefore is not that valuable. Typically on Ebay they
make $50.00 (£33.00) & sometimes do much better.

kind regards
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