Probably one of the first antique corkscrews you'll come across, will be a simple, plain shanked wooden direct
pull. You can find the simplest designs for around £5.00 or less, if you search hard. Prices go up depending
on design, quality & makers stamps. Condition is always an important factor - a rusty corkscrew that looks like
it's been eaten by a rat whilst sat in a damp cellar for 80 years isn't going to be a winner. Take your time &
hold out for rust-less corkscrews with good quality handles.

Look closely at potential purchases. You will come across very sad looking direct pull corkscrews that with a
bit of work can be restored into a winners. Light surface rust will disappear with fine guage wire wool & a dull,
dusty handle could soon be a beauty with some bees wax & elbow grease.
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
assistance to you. If you'd like to get in touch it would be great to hear
from you.
Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Wooden Direct Pull Corkscrews ~
An interesting group of wooden direct pull corkscrews

Top row - left to right
An American Haff patent corkscrew, bulbous shank with button corkscrew, majestic
American direct pull corkscrew, bulbous shank with button corkscrew - marked
Smith, simple direct pull corkscrew marked R. Jones

Bottom row
A selection of simple direct pull corkscrews including an Early Swedish corkscrew  
with speedworm.

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