Single lever corkscrews come in various
forms but the principle of using this type
of design remains the same, as follows:
After the worm has been inserted fully
within the cork, lowering the single arm
will extract the cork.

For designs that are two part, a lever & a
separate corkscrew like the Holborn lever
shown to the left you'll need to hook the
lever within the hole of the corkscrew.
A French nickel plated single lever
corkscrew patented in 1899, no
291,691 by Jacques Perille. Marked
"Le Presto".
Victor Rousseau's French patent
corkscrew, no 352,411 of 1905.
The inner shaft turns freely to
assist with inserting the worm.

C1864 C. Hull Royal Club

Here's a very sought after single lever
corkscrew that would grace any corkscrew
collection. This marverlous corkscrew was
patented by Charles Hull, Birmingham,
England in 1864. Hull was awarded a patent
for two designs, one with rollers & one with a
cam action on the handle (shown).
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Single Lever Corkscrews ~
English patent no 3,004 awarded to
John Burgess & Albert fenton on
September 2nd 1874.
Original Lund levers

Have lettering & crests
which are normally very
well defined. You might
find some remains of the
copper wash. Unless
pitted, the metal should be
fairly smooth to touch.
Modern reproductions

Are normally badly cast,
rough to feel & have a
lacquered gold finish.
There is also very poor
definition to the lettering &
emblems. Don't be fooled
by rust - this is part of the
It's well worth keeping your eyes peeled for different variations of badges on single levers.  
Here are some examples you might find.
Here are two single lever corkscrews patented by William Lund & William Hipkins (Lund's foreman) in 1855
& Edwin Wolverson (Tangent Lever) in 1873. Other two part single levers were patented by Henry Goodall
in 1885 (Holborn Lever - see above) & 1889.


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