Rack & pinion corkscrews have been around since the
late 18th century & include a  number of highly collectible

To operate - Turn the top handle sufficiently, to fully
engage the worm into the cork. Winding the side handle in
a clockwise direction will then lift the cork in easy fashion.

The example to the left is a German rack & pinion
corkscrew with a very ornate turning handle, it dates to the
early part of the 20th century.
A Victorian English four post
Kings corkscrew with a narrow
rack from the mid 19th century.
A English Kings corkscrew with bone
main & side winding handles. Badge
marked "Dowler Patent", mid 19th
A London rack corkscrew with nickel
plated barrel. English, late 19th century.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Rack & Pinion Corkscrews ~

The King's screw

The two Kings corkscrews shown above have an
internal threaded mechanism as well as the rack &
pinion design. The benefit of this inner threaded
mechanism allowed this particular design to operate
by turning the top handle only to penetrate the cork,
as apposed to the whole instrument which was the
case at the time with other rack & pinion designs.

Despite many King's Screws having a badge with the
word "Patent", the corkscrew was never patented.


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London rack corkscrew. Marked on the frame
"Lund maker Cornhill and Fleet Street
London" & on the top of the shaft "Lund's
patent London Rack".
An interesting steel rack & pinion
corkscrew, marked Patent 001166.
Likely to be English.
Rack & pinion corkscrew with brass
frame marked JD Patent, London. This
corkscrew has origins in Belgium being
produced as a Lund copy.
A French corkscrew, marked JHP
Depose. This is Jacques Perille's 1876
French patent no 112465 known as the
A nickel plated French rack & pinion
crokscrew, marked Modele Depose.
An interesting space age looking aluminium
corkscrew. Marshall T. McDowell's American
design no, 148810 from 1948.

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