Roundlet corkscrews can be found in a
variety of forms but typically they are of a
cigar like shape & have a threaded
capsule that opens to reveal the worm.
Once opened the worm is pulled out, the
capsule is then closed & acts as the

The majority of roundlet corkscrews were
manufactured with a nickel finish but
other materials were also used such as
celluloid, wood, silver & even gold.
Roundlet corkscrews often surface with a multi tool function & look out for a roundlet corkscrew which
doubles up as a whistle.
Here's a very hard to find
English roundlet corkscrew
manufactured by Lund of
London. It's marked on the

Found on a mid 19th century
trade advertisement this
corkscrew was sold in
different sizes & finishes & the
patent dates to 1855.
A late 19th century English roundlet
corkscrew that doubles up as a
A French wooden roundlet corkscrew,
marked on the case BTE S. G. D. G. made
in France". Probably dates to the 1930's.
Here's an interesting multi tool roundlet corkscrew
with a number of attachments. Although unmarked
it is probably of German origins.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Roundlet Corkscrews ~
Here's an example of a roundlet
corkscrew produced by Williamsons
who were granted a US patent in 1897
for this bottle shaped design.

Advertising plaques were often applied
- look out for different ads - there's
about 80 different ones known.

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