Picnic, pocket, travelling corkscrews?? Yes, this
group can be called any of those but corkscrew
collectors mainly refer to this design as a picnic

From the 18th century with impressive designs
in steel & even precious metals to today where
plastic give-aways are still in production, this
design has stood the test of time.

Lets start with the early picnic corkscrews

This group all date from the 18th & 19th century
& have threaded sheaths. The corkscrew on the
far right has a lovely archimedian worm, typically
these corkscrews are found with a helical worm.
This miniature picnic corkscrew would
of been designed to open perfume,
medicine & ink bottles which were all
corked in days gone by.
This late 18th century
steel sheath corkscrew
is a wonderful example
of the craftsmanship of
some of the early
This shows the top
of a late 18th
century picnic
corkscrew. It has a
very interesting
design feature that
locks the helix on
the sheath with a
Here are some 20th century designs
A registered English design that dates to
1925. It also incorporates a cap lifter.  It
carries the registered details.
An example of the U.S.
Patent No.2,164,191 of
June 27, 1939 by Knud
An interesting unmarked bullet
corkscrew which probably dates
to the mid 20th century.
A German cartridge
marked "Henry Boker,
Germany" probably from
the 1940's.

You would of noticed that in
most cases this design uses the
sheath as a handle as well as a
case to store the corkscrew
safely in the pocket.

The better pieces & certainly the
vast majority of early picnic
corkscrews had a thread to
securely hold the helix within the
Collectables of the future??? A couple of 21st century designs
In production today in boxwood &
offered online with personal advertising
for $4.00
Another found online today ,
this plastic design retails at
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
assistance to you. If you'd like to get in touch it would be great to hear
from you.
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