In past times perfume, ink & medicine bottles were all corked so it
was essential to have a smaller more practical corkscrew for

Many perfume corkscrews were part of a ladies manicure or
sewing set which were purchased in mostly simple but
occasionally very comprehensive leather sets.

Medicine was often opened using simple wire corkscrews which
were inexpensive & practical to use. Notably William Rockwell
Clough of America patented a number of simple designs which
included an 1884 patent for a medicine band corkscrew.

To the right is a typical leather ladies sewing set which includes a
perfume corkscrew.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Perfume & Medicine Corkscrews ~
A beautiful group of mother of pearl perfume

An interesting selection showing both the diversity of design
& size. The first on the left is of a very high quality with some
very fancy detail on the shaft.
A stunning selection of perfume corkscrews.

Look out for perfume corkscrews in a variety of
materials including gilded silver, bone, silver,
tortoiseshell & ivory.

A vigilant hunt will throw up some splendid
examples & it's worth paying extra to add
interesting variants to your collection.
Here's a very unusual perfume corkscrew in
the form of a stork. It's marked with a
registration number, no 164209 which dates it
to 1891.
A small late Victorian
direct pull perfume
corkscrew with a bone
handle, measuring
just under 3" long.
Here's a fabulous 19th century
mother of pearl perfume  corkscrew in
the form of a fish.
A very fine English silver spoon medicine
corkscrew with London hallmarks that
date it to 1887.

Note the quality turned detail near the
hinge & the delightful flutted wire helix.
An American medicine spoon corkscrew with
advertising around the bowl.

As follows; "Tabloids of Compressed Drugs,
Hazeline Cream, Keppler Extract Essence of
Malt, Keppler Solution of Cod Liver Oil,
Digestive, Demulgent, Strengthening, Hazeline
Beer & Iron Wine".
Three different American medicine band
corkscrews which were patented by
William Rockwell Clough in 1884. Various
companies purchased these complete with
their company advertising.

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auction site & end up being disappointed.

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