Peg & worm corkscrews have been produced since the early
19th century. There are many variations on design & a keen eye
together with a vigilant search will throw up some very elegant &
delicate examples.

The worm has a hole to enable the peg to pass through which
then acts as the handle. When not in use the worm is stored
safely on the peg.

Look out for examples with advertising to add interest to a
collection. The peg & worm corkscrew to the right carries
advertising for Bradford united States Metallic Packing Co Ltd.
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
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from you.
Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Peg & Worm Corkscrews ~
Here's a group of six different peg & worm
corkscrews including one with pipe tamper ends.

Two are left handed - can you spot them?

Be careful before purchasing a peg &
worm corkscrew to check that both the peg
& the worm match correctly.

It's quite common to find a marriage!
A fine selection of peg & worm corkscrews

The second from the left is a left handed worm.

Here's how to tell..........
Hold the peg & worm corkscrew attached to the peg vertically, with
the worm running north to south, with south being the tip. A left
handed worm will run downwards from west to east.
Just think WE (west to east)
& you should remember how
to tell a lefty when you are
out & about hunting .
Here's a very
copper peg &
worm corkscrew,
an English
design, no Rd
528199, which
dates it to 1908.
This early 19th
century example
boasts beautiful
facets to the oval
ends & a fine
cyphered worm.

It's worth digging
deeper in your
pocket for
examples like
this one.

Forget trying to luck out on an internet
auction site & end up being disappointed.

For a top return, send a picture of your
corkscrew to: