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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Direct pull corkscrews with Henshall buttons ~

In 1795 The Rev. Samuel Henshall from Oxford,
England was the first to patent a Corkscrew. His
idea was to incorporate a button between the
shank & the worm. Its purpose was to compress
and turn the cork once the worm was fully
inserted, thus breaking any bond that might exist
between cork and bottle.

Henshall's improvement to the simple direct pull
corkscrew was no doubt a winner. His design
was produced well into the 20th century in a vast
array of different styles.

An inscribed original Henshall Corkscrew is quite
a find!! A scruffy one would set you back over
£1000& one in good condition considerably
An original Henshall corkscrew, the Worlds first corkscrew patent of 1795 recognised by the latin
inscription on the button "OBSTANDO PROMOVES, SOHO PATENT".

Obstando Promoves translates to "by standing firm one makes advancement" & Soho
Patent relates to Mathew Boulton who manufactured Henshall's corkscrew at his Soho
works factory in Birmingham
What to look for......

There are many different designs of Henshall type corkscrews to be
found. Look for an inscription on the button as a number of
manufacturers stamped their name in a similar way to the original patent.
Fancy handles of different materials such as Ivory, bone, horn, celluloid &
various woods can be found as well as very decorative bulbous shanks.
All these elements make a more interesting addition to a corkscrew
collection & increase the value of the corkscrew.
Here are some interesting variations of corkscrews incorporating a Henshall button.
From left to right. A very fine 19th century Henshall type corkscrew with an ebonised handle & wonderfully
faceted shank; Henshall type corkscrew with a large foil cutter & dusting brush; Henshall type corkscrew with
a folding foil cutter.

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