Probably of all collectible corkscrews, the folding ladies legs
corkscrew are the best known.

They are a German patent, no 21718  of January 1, 1894 to
Steinfeld & Reimer & they were produced by a number of
companies from the late 19th century onwards.

Two sizes were produced, the most common being 2 1/2" long & a
smaller more desirable set which measure 1 7/8".

As well as the ladies legs corkscrews other celluloid folding
corkscrews were produced in Germany including Mermaids,
Alligators, Horses legs & as shown to the right a pair of folding
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
assistance to you. If you'd like to get in touch it would be great to hear
from you.
Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Folding Celluloid Corkscrews ~
Some different ladies legs corkscrews all of which are the regular size
measuring 2 1/2" long. In terms of value, the more flesh shown the more
valuable, so the flesh coloured legs with no stockings are the most valuable.
I was very pleased to track down this terrific
celluloid alligator corkscrew, it had been on my hit
list for quite a while. It's near pristine & is marked
twice for "W. H. Morley & Sons".

This was acquired in a trade with fellow Collector
Mark Woodard for a U-Neek.

If you are interested in trading corkscrews drop me
a line - there's plenty of trade bait waiting.
Lucky, oh so lucky
I'm a regular visitor to a number of antique fairs, especially in the London
area. One very early morning in February 2006 I was shining my torch light
on some outside stalls. On one stand I noticed a few penknives so I decided
to ask if they had any corkscrews, I was told "No". A gent who was standing
next to me at the stall said "I do" & pulled a small polythene bag from his
inside jacket pocket. He opened the bag & produced a near mint set of fully
marked German folding celluloid shoes. "These any good to you"? I did my
best to make a poker face & in no time an incredibly good deal was done.

So, the moral of the story? If you don't see any corkscrews on a stall, ask
the man standing next to you :-)

Forget trying to luck out on an internet
auction site & end up being disappointed.

For a top return, send a picture of your
corkscrew to:
Horse legs corkscrews

How about these quirky
German celluloid Horse legs?

Similar to the ladies legs,
these date from the late 19th
century. They have a grained
surface finish & can be found
in a number of different
colours, including black,
cream & green. Some have
makers marks on the shank.
There are variants available with foil cutters as shown in the picture to the right. Note, the silver coloured example is
actually all metal & not celluloid.

I do buy these Horse legs corkscrew, so if you have an example for sale, please drop me a line.