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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Flynut Corkscrews ~
The flynut corkscrew operates by, placing the collar of the frame over the bottle neck. The
worm is then screwed into the cork & then by turning the flynut clockwise on the threaded
shaft, the cork is extracted from the bottle.

Flynut corkscrews have been produced all over the World. However, the majority of flynut
corkscrews you will find, probably have their origins in France.

A. M. Perille of Paris, France was granted a patent in 1876 & with some subtle design
differences, produced vast quantities of flynut corkscrews well into the 20th century.
Various Flynut corkscrews

Top row - Ears cap lifter, beehive style, Perille's Aero, marked Aero on the flynut & JHP Depose Paris
on the frame (the crown also top denotes it's an early variant), Steel unmarked, Aluminium frame
Bottom row - two marked Perille flynuts, later cap lifter design, different handle, Italian brass flynut.

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