Gripping teeth, grab hold of the cork to assist with the pull. These corkscrews are very much in demand, quite
difficult to find & will set you back at least £40.00 for a plain example.
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
assistance to you. If you'd like to get in touch it would be great to hear
from you.
Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Wooden direct pull corkscrews with cork grippers ~
A great group of wooden corkscrews with cork grabbing teeth

The example is the center is in the style of Robert Jones with an acorn handle.
The corkscrew on the far right dates to around the early 1800's.

Forget trying to luck out on an internet
auction site & end up being disappointed.

For a top return, send a picture of your
corkscrew to: