These simple wire based corkscrews were patented from the late 19th century in New Hampshire, USA by
William Rockwell Clough. Clough was issued a total of twenty three patents & produced vast amounts of
corkscrews well into the 20th century.

The majority of Clough corkscrews carry advertising. Look hard for different examples & take your time to find
examples in good condition with clear advertising.
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ Clough Corkscrews ~
Clough corkscrews with sheaths.

The English also took Clough's idea & produced a direct pull using wire below a
wooden handle.
The diversity of Clough

Top row
- includes, 3rd & 4th - English designs
2nd row - Clough's first patent, C1876. A simple one piece wire corkscrew
Bottom row - More interesting designs, showing the diversity of Clough's corkscrew.

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