Throughout the 20th century a vast number of
figural corkscrews have been produced. These
quirky corkscrews turn up in all shapes & forms.
Here are a selection that were produced in

The "Old Snifter" corkscrews depict a cartoon
character drawn by Rollin Kirby called Mr Dry, a
figure representing prohibition.

The example shown in the pictures to the left &
right is John R. Schuchardt from New York
invention & has a mechanical action. When the
head is turned the corkscrew raises & lowers.
I've enjoyed compiling this corkscrew guide, I hope it can be of
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Antique & Vintage Corkscrew Guide
~ American Figural Corkscrews ~
Here are three Parrot corkscrews, each
are 5" high & have a caplifter. In 1929
Manuel Avillar of New York was issued a
patent for a bottle seal remover & a
Parrot was shown in the patent drawing
although it did not show a corkscrew.
Look out for different ones, there are a
number of variations to be found by the
keenest collectors.
Here's an extra large Parrot
corkscrew which is a real
heavy weight. This taller
version is 6 1/4" tall & is
harder to find than the
smaller variants.
Back to the Old Snifters. This
chrome one was manufactured by
Demley & surfaces quite frequently.
There are many free standing
variations to find in a bronze finish,
silver plate & chrome.
A red devil corkscrew with caplifter. A
sought after corkscrew that always
seem to sell very well. Research has
found that this was a 1980's design.
A pig corkscrew & caplifter
produced by Negbaur in
around the 1950's. Another
that is quite hard to find.
Just three of very
many different
variations that
can be found of
this design.

A corkscrew with
caplifter sits
within the  
sheath until
required for use.
Here's an interesting combination bar
tool & dispensing apparatus.

The design patent was issued to
Horace Bridgewater of Stratford,
Connecticut, on August 23, 1932.

The man within the coffin dismantles to
reveal various bar tools & the hat is the
Another Kirby, this one is a
combination bar tool which
includes a bottle opener,
corkscrew & spoon. A 1932 design
patent to Alfred Flauder of
An unusual brass serpent
corkscrew with a folding helix
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Check out these very cool Daschund dog corkscrews,
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