~ Corkscrews wanted ~
Antique corkscrews wanted!

If you have any Corkscrews to sell - please drop me a line

I'm currently looking for the following corkscrews in particular

Interesting folding bow corkscrews
Thomason corkscrews, named & variants
King Screws
English corkscrews wanted
Silver Roundlet corkscrews
Twigg's patent corkscrew
Wiers Double corkscrew
Lady Wiers corkscrew
Looking for early picnic cork screws
Interesting Single Lever corkscrews
Any marked Henshall type Corkscrew
Registered figural corkscrews
Champagne Knife with Corkscrew
Jones one registered design corkscrew
Silver Pocket Corkscrews
Blue & cream Ross Pig corkscrews
Looking for composition corkscrews
Double helix corkscrews wanted
American corkscrews wanted
Interesting mechanical corkscrews
Wanted celluloid folding corkscrews
Ladies legs corkscrew
German corkscrews wanted
Whistle corkscrews wanted
Lund patent rack & pinion corkscrew
Mermaid cork screw wanted
French corkscrews wanted
Shoes cork screw
Horse legs cork screw wanted
Robert Jones corkscrews purchased
Corkscrews with registration or patent numbers
Any old corkscrew or corkscrews purchased

~Happy to trade or buy old corkscrews~

I'm always interested purchasing
a complete corkscrew collection.

As you can see there are all sorts of cork screws wanted

~ Old Corkscrews Wanted ~
~ Antique Corkscrews Purchased ~
~ Vintage Corkscrews Bought ~
Antique corkscrews wanted
Top dollar paid for old
corkscrews - cash waiting -
corkscrews wanted