Since 2008 Collectors Corkscrews Auctions website has been offering corkscrew collectors around the
World the opportunity to buy & sell antique & vintage corkscrews.

There have been some quite incredible results over the years & here are the 10 highest prices paid for a
corkscrew on the ICCA auction website since the launch.
Joint Number 10


PATENT, JUNE 3, 1884

1875 John Burgess British Patent ------>
The only known example of this Charles Chinnock corkscrew was sold on 11th, November 2012. It was offered at a starting price
of $20000 & one bid secured it. The buyer was a Romanian collector.

The John Burgess lever corkscrew was sold on the 9th November 2013. It received a whopping 51 bids & was sold to a US
collector. On this occasion the fiercely competitive Romanian collector finished up the under bidder.
Number 6


A rare Columbus corkscrew sold on 10th
November 2012 after a feverish auction consisting
of 54 bids. The piece was sold to a Romanian

Number 7

The only recorded example of Wilhelm's American patent from 1885 was sold on 5th, May 2013. After 13 bids it
was sold to a Romanian collector.

Number 8


This exceptional Gold and Agate Corkscrew was sold on the
9th November 2008 after a very competitive auction. It
was bought by an Italian collector.
Number 3


This piece was sold on 12th November 2011. A
feverish auction recorded 50 bids with the winning
bid from a Romanian collector.
Number 4


piece was auctioned on 11th November 2012. It received 23 bids &
was sold to a Romanian collector.
Number 5


RARE WHITE'S JULY 3. 1883 PATENT. This piece sold on 11th November 2012. It
was listed at this price & received one bid from a Romanian collector.
Number 2


Extremely Rare Robert Jones 2nd Registration
Corkscrew. One of the most highly prized antique
corkscrews was sold on 28th April 2012. It received 40
bids & was bought by a Romanian collector.
Number 1


This Read's coaxer corkscrew is the current highest
priced corkscrew to sell on the ICCAuctions website.
After a fiercely competitive auction & 39 bids this
exceptional corkscrew was sold to a Romanian
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The current World record
price for a corkscrew on ebay

On 20th November 2014 a rare English
corkscrew attributed to Charles Osborne
was sold on ebay France.

It received 37 bids & sold to an American
collector for

The World record price for an antique corkscrew
The highest known price recorded for an antique corkscrew was
on 26th November 2014.

A Charles Osborne patented corkscrew with a ratchet
mechanism was sold at an auction house in Essex, England.

This corkscrew was made from parts of the old London Bridge &
it was inscribed accordingly.

The auction was feverish & the final hammer price, with
commission equated to a quite astonishing.


This corkscrew was sold to a collector with a museum.
Many antique & vintage corkscrews are highly prized & some quite astonishing prices have been achieved over the
years by collectors striving to add the very rarest antique corkscrews to their personal corkscrew collections.

Here are the current record prices paid for an antique corkscrew. Be ready to be amazed!