Here's a great group of corkscrew sites well worth a visit
Corkscrew Collecting
The WWW encyclopedia for antique and vintage corkscrews.
The Virtual Corkscrew Musuem
Don Bull's must hit site. Packed with a multitude of information
about the twisted hobby.
Vintage Corkscrews
Josef L'Africain's site is great fun & has plenty of corkscrew
Corkscrew Balloon
Alf Erickson's site is fantastic! An online journal about Alf & his
passion for Corkscrews, hot air balloons & Elephant polo.
Where the corkscrew World meets! Information here about clubs,
societies & plenty more.
Syroco Kid Corkscrews
Tommy Campnell has a great site with lots of info & some super
corkscrews for sale. Drop him a line if you have any Flash
corkscrews for sale -Tommy has a collection of over 100 & is
looking for more.
Collection privée Tire-bouchons
An excellent French collectors site, also in English. You'll find
plenty of helpful corkscrew  information here.
Corkscrew Centre
Visit & keep going back! A great variety of antique corkscrews
always available for sale.
Andre's Tavern
American dealer Andre Burgos  has a great inventory - well worth a
A personal corkscrew collectors Blog.
A wonderful website by Jean-louis Desor. It's packed full of
information, stories, pictures & advise for anyone interested in
corkscrew collecting. Currently in French but very soon also to be
translated into English.
Steven Webb
Steven Webb is a very enthusiastic English corkscrew collector.
Check out his site to discover interesting articles, a corkscrew Blog
& a selection of corkscrews for sale.
Era Corkscrews
Gavin Maddock is a UK dealer with an eye for a good corkscrew.
Check out his super site which has plenty of corkscrews for sale.
Underwood Wine Warehouse
A warehouse filled with fine wine, vintage cars & corkscrews
galore! Go fill your cellar. Free UK delivery on all orders over £150.
Collectors Weekly Antique
A great site, packed full of information. Visit now & explore an
impressive section dedicated to corkscrews!
Carved Alligator Corkscrews
A Snappy resource for those interested in carved crocs.
An on-line market place for corkscrew hunters. Twice annual
auctions hosted by the good people at the ICCA.
International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts is an exclusive
Worldwide corkscrew collectors club limited to 50 members. A
clean website highlights the club history, members, awards & more.
Göran Nilsson
A passionate Swedish corkscrew collector's personal website with
plenty of historical information. Well worth a visit.
Antique & Vintage Bottle Openers
for sale
A site packed full of antique & vintage bottle openers & cap lifters
for sale. All items available to buy now via Paypal with free
Worldwide S+H.
Marc Ouvrard
A great corkscrew Blog, updated regularly by French collector
Marc Ouvrard.
A collection of 250
corkscrews for sale
Antique Hangups & CyberMall
Over 1,700 Items Online! One of the largest single Antique Sites online since
1997. Offering Antiques, Collectibles, Ephemera, Books, Magazines, Sports
and Memorabilia, Genealogy, Trivia, Letters From the Past, Wishlist,
CyberMall, and Educational Site.
If you would like to swap links to this site - drop me a line
The Quarterly Worme
An unofficial experimental blog for the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club
by Fletcher Wallis
Antique & vintage straight razors for sale

~Collection of antique corkscrews for sale~
     Worldwide FREE S+H