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Item # 21118
Ladies Legs Corkscrew - Flesh
Very good ladies legs corkscrew
with flesh legs. Great example
with no chips or cracks. Action
super tight. Marked  "Registered
Germany". Measure 2 3/4".
Item # 20805
Gucci Pocket Corkscrew
Stunning original Gucci corkscrew from the
1960's. The iconic G engages on the sheath
to form a firm T shape. A well made stunning
corkscrew. Some typical light wear. It  
measures 4 3/4".
Item # 21314
Flint Peg & Worm Corkscrew
A very good example of the hard to Flint
registered design peg & worm corkscrew.
Nicely marked as follows: "British patent no
227623, patented also France, Germany,
USA, REGd no 708279" on one side & "Flint
& Co, made in Sheffield" on the other. Typical
light tarnish & wear.  It measures 4 1/2".
Item # 20833
19th Century Pocket Corkscrew
Lovely 19th century pocket corkscrew
with hanging ring. Missing the
original sheath. Some typical light
wear. It  measures 3 1/8".
Item # 20829
American Flash Corkscrew
An American Flash corkscrew from
the 1950's depicting the Statue of
Liberty New York. It has some typical
wear consistent with age. It  
measures 3 3/4".
Item # 21280
Peg & Worm Corkscrew - A Beauty
A fabulous peg & worm corkscrew with
bulbous ends. Lovely worm. It measures 3
1/2" on the peg.
Antique Corkscrew Catalogue
~ Pocket Corkscrews 2 ~
Item # 20834
Coney Decorative Sheath Corkscrew
A wonderful decorative pocket
corkscrew, likely manufactured by
Coney & Co, circa 1890. Some very
light wear. Worm a little short. It  
measures 4".
Item # 20831
Peg & Worm Corkscrew - Pipe
A super peg & worm corkscrew with
pipe tamper end in good condition
with light tarnish. It boasts a thread on
the peg to keep the worm firmly in
place. It measures 3 3/4" on the peg.
Item # 21581
Peg & Worm Corkscrew
A super peg & worm corkscrew with the
most wonderful dark patina. Mid to late
19th century & in great shape.  It
measures 4" on the peg.
Item # 20933
Concorde Silver Roundlet Corkscrew -
Original Box
A superb Concorde souviner. Thought to be a
gift to important 1st class pasengers, a
super silver plated roundlet corkscrew with
the original box & in very nice condition. A
well made corkscrew of stunning quality.
Some typical light wear. It  measures 3 1/4".
Item # 21601
19th century Vesta with Knife &
A rare late 19th century vesta
case with knife & corkscrew. MOP
perfect on one side, hairlines on
side shown. Average condition
with some typical wear & tarnish
consistent with age.  Measures
just over 2 1/2".
Item # 20960
Picnic Corkscrew - Original
Leather Case
A superb picnic corkscrew from the
1950's in near pristine condition.
Measures 4 1/2". It's marked "PAT
Some very light wear.
Item # 20962
John Watts Waiters Corkscrew  - Dewars
Superb British registered design corkscrew
from 1910. Marked with the registration
number "Rd 569470" & the maker "JOHN
WATTS, SHEFFIELD" on the foil cutter/fulcrum
arm. Advertising for Dewars Scotch Whisky.
Some typical light wear. It  measures 4 1/2".
Item # 20961
Stunning American Sterling Roundlet
Stunning American sterling roundlet
corkscrew from around 1895. Excellent
example just needs some silver polish to
make it shine! It  measures 2 1/2 open.
Item # 20963
18th Century Pocket Corkscrew
The important part of a late 18th century
pocket corkscrew which is missing the
sheath. Dates to 1790, making it one of
the earliest corkscrew for sale on this
website. Archimedian worm is tipped.
Some typical pitting & wear consistent with
200 years ++ It  measures 3 3/8".
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Item # 20997
Miniature Ladies Legs Corkscrew
Very hard to find miniature ladies legs
corkscrew with blue & white stripey
stockings. Great example with no chips or
cracks. Both sides equally good.  
Unmarked. Measure 1 7/8".
Item # 20964
19th Century Brass Pocket
A super brass picnic corkscrew
from the late 19th century. Lovely
patina to the brass from years of
use. Some typical light wear. It  
measures 3 1/4".
Item # 20998
Whistle Roundlet Corkscrew
A very good example of a very hard to find
whistle roundlet corkscrew. The whistle
works well, a high pitched shrill & the
corkscrew is in great shape with only
minor wear. It  measures 2 1/2" open.
Item # 21000
VERY RARE!!!!!!!!
Miniature Double Folder Corkscrew
corkscrew from around 1790. This A
very rare miniature double folder piece
was likely designed to open perfume,
ink & medicine bottles. Very few are
known Worldwide. Some typical light
wear. It  measures 2".
Item # 20999
Superb 18th Century Copley Bow
Superb 18th century Copley or Singleton
bow corkscrew. Unmarked. Lovely dark
patina, simple elegance & full length wire
helix make this piece a true winner.
Some typical light wear. You'll be hard
pressed to find a better example of this
sought after early corkscrew. It  
measures 2 3/4".
Item # 21580
Stunning Faceted Peg & Worm
A stunning late 19th century peg & worm
corkscrew. Wonderful faceted detail at
both ends. Very good condition. It
measures 3 1/2 on the peg.
Item #19585
Alligator Single Lever Corkscrew
German late 19th century single lever corkscrew in
the form of an alligator. Signed "D Peres,
Germany". Celluloid is super, no cracks or chips.
Some typical wear consistent with age. Measures
just over 4 1/2" folded.  
Item # 21282
Folding Celluloid Shoes
German late 19th century
folding celluloid shoes
corkscrew. Superb example.
One very small chip as shown
near rivet, the other side is
perfect.  They measure just over
2 1/2" folded. Rare & desirable!!
Item # 21283
Jansen Patent Slide Out Corkscrew
An example of a slide out corkscrew,
patented by Edmund Jansen in 1892.
Advertising example, marked "SEVE
FOURNIER". It measures 2 3/4".
Item # 21414
C1851 Goodyear Patent Roundlet
A superb American patented Goodyear
roundlet corkscrew. Very good shape with
only minor wear. Unmarked. It measures
just under 3" as a T.
Item # 21413
Super American Sterling Roundlet
Stunning American sterling roundlet
corkscrew from around 1890. Some
very minor dents on the ends,
otherwise near perfect. Looks like it's
engraved around the plain central area
"m C M". It  measures 2 1/2 open.
Item # 21542
19th Century Celluloid Folding Lady
A very hard to find example of a German
celluloid folding lady corkscrew from
the late 19th century. Marked example.   
It measures just under 2 1/2" folded. No
chips or cracks, just typical tarnish &
wear consistent with age.
Item # 21544
Bimbo Multi Tool Roundlet
An unusual old multi tool roundlet
allowing the case to be used as a
tool too. Marked at one end "Bimbo,
Regd trade mark, made in England,
Pat pend". Very good condition. It
measures just under 3" .
Item # 21543
Super Celluloid German Horse Legs Corkscrew
Super late 19th century German celluloid folding
corkscrew in the form of Horse's legs. Marked
"Registered Germany". Good condition, minor staining.
Worm full length with sharp tip.  . It  measures 2 1/2 .
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