Corkscrew stands for sale

These neat stands are made from clear acrylic
plastic and provide an excellent way of displaying
your corkscrew collection

The different heights allow you to accommodate
different styles of corkscrew and to arrange them
in tiers, so as to be able to see those at the back
as clearly as those at the front

100mm,  75mm  and  50mm

Internal diameter:  

The base:
50mm x 50mm

The stands are 'hand finished' with the edges
having a brushed surface rather like 'ground glass'
& the join where the tube meets the stand will
show dried glue residue & some will have some

Hundreds of these stands have been sold and not
one has ever been returned because it had
become unstuck !

£19.99 Per dozen
These may be mixed sizes or you may specify
sizes in your order

A standard mixed dozen will contain four of each
of the three sizes and you will quickly see which
sizes you might want more of

Special stands can be produced to accommodate
even tricky items such as a Two Part Lever or
even a Straight Pull with an exchangeable worm –
see pictures 4 and 5
If you would like to place an order or have any questions please email me at: