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Item# AN11053

Charled Dickens
Anri bottle stopper
- Bob Trotter.

Item# AN11054

Charles Dickens
Anri bottle
stopper - Sam
(Marked on the back)

Item# AN11055

Charles Dickens
Anri bottle stopper -
Mrs Gamp

Item# AN11027

An Anri cigarette box which opens when you press
the lever at the back. The gent's hat goes up too.
Really quirky!

Item# AN11012
A very nice Anri bottle opener
depicting a smiling chap.

Item# AN11089
A wonderful smokers set with
articulated kissers.


Thanks for viewing the Anri pieces that I've assembled for you. If
you need additional pictures or information, don't hesitate in
getting in touch

Please keep calling back to these Anri for sale pages as I'm
currently working hard to add the vast array of vintage Anri hand
carved items that I have available for sale.

There's some wonderful vintage hand carved Anri additions to
come including: Anri book ends, Anri nutcrackers, Anri cigarette
boxes, Anri figurines, Anri music boxes, etc etc etc. Oh & there's
plenty more Anri bar sets, corkscrews & Anri mechanical bottle
stoppers to add as well.

Take time out to visit the links, you'll discover some fascinating
websites with some wonderful photographs & plenty of very
useful information about Anri.
Item# AN11082
Anri wooden spoon

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Item# AN11013
An Anri bottle opener depicting a cheeky
looking chap with a very toothy smile.

Item# AN11014
An Anri full figure standing man.
Looks like he's a store keeper or bar

Item# AN11081
A wonderful Anri
hand carved dog
bottle stopper.

Item# AN11083
A wonderful cheeks looking chap who
is a pourer.

Item# AN11063
Indian Chief Anri
bottle stopper


Item# AN11064
Anri Key hook
rack with movable

Unusual Anri pieces

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Many thanks, Peter
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